Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hello again. With a NSV.

Good day, friends! Long time, no see! Just throwing together a quick post this morning before I head out the door. What's new with me? Well, I've still been failing at the whole "take off the pounds" thing. But I'm really excelling at eating pizza!

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I'm trying to get back on track and for the first time in awhile I came up with a menu plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) for the week, purchased the groceries for said plan and now the hardest part comes next..... sticking to it! <---Truth, I've made a lot of plans in the past few months, just didn't necessarily always purchase the groceries for said plan or if I did purchase the groceries, I didn't always prepare the food I bought. 

I'm still doing pretty good with getting in my exercise. I'm not perfect but I am consistently getting in a few good workouts a week. I'm teaching 3 mornings a week, yoga once a week and I seem to be able to get into the gym to lift at least once a week though the goal is to do it 2-3 times; I just don't always make it. I've been doing Zumba once or twice a week too.


My NSV is that yesterday, I finally had a day where I started out with a plan and actually followed through past dinner. I taught my class yesterday morning and then did a big grocery shopping trip and came home and did some food prep.

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I couldn't even begin to count the number of times I have started the day off saying, "Today is the day!", planning to be back on track. I almost always do well for breakfast and lunch but by the time I get off work I begin approaching epic fail mode and start telling myself, "I'll start over tomorrow. Tomorrow is THE day.". <----insert carry out pizza or a lemon waffle cone 

But I've enlisted help with dinner from Todd and as long as I have stuff prepped, he can start dinner. He will always cook something, whether I've prepped or not, but if I want him to make something specific, I have to have it ready. Otherwise, his idea of dinner is taking something dredged in flour and dropping it into a pan of heated oil for maximum fat absorption. That is always met with a no-no-no from me so it's just better for everyone if I can get that prep work done!

I know the biggest thing I have to focus on is planning. I have to plan my food from the start of the day all the way to the end of the day. And then stick to it. ;) It sucks. I won't lie. And I've been doing this whole planning thing for so long that I just wanted to give up. And so that's what I did. So, how'd that work out for you, Ang? Oh, you failed to lose weight and gained weight? What a surprise! So.... back to planning it is!

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Another truth, I would like to be more consistent with my blogging, because let's be honest, when I'm regularly blogging about my weight loss, the weight loss is, errrmm, regular(?). But finding time to blog is still a struggle for me. I haven't mastered the balance between working 30 hours a week, exercising, taking care of my family and home and just doing all the things in life that I want to do and of course those that I have to do. Obviously, there are those who have better time management skills than I because people do it! ;) I am getting better and I'm ironing out the kinks, but still, I'm not a pro just yet.

To those of you who are still with me after my struggles and lack of blogging. Thank you!
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Monday, May 5, 2014

Manic Monday

Honey, I Shrunk the Mom

It's another Manic Monday and I'm linking up with my friends LauraJill and Hollie. It's been awhile since I've posted my plan but I'm back at it, getting the week started with some accountability. In looking at my week, there are some obstacles in my dinner plans! But I'm going to do the best I can. I have been a fan of following the Simply Filling Technique with Weight Watchers, so I'm going that direction. 

Weekly Weigh-in
It's been so long since I stepped on the scale, I actually forgot to do it first thing this morning. I'm going to try to remember to do it tomorrow. I'm guessing 218-ish. Which is uppp.

This weeks menu plan:
Monday: Mexican with my book club. Not sure how I'm going to do with that! Any suggestions?
Tuesday: Cheeseburgers on the grill with grilled zucchini and foil pack potatoes
Thursday: Training meeting at work so I'll pack a big salad for dinner
Saturday: Luncheon at church (nervous about that!) Salad for dinner
Sunday: Since it's Mother's Day, I'm sure we will eat out for lunch and have leftovers for dinner

Tuesday morning I'm going to make a pot of this minestrone so if any dinner plans don't work out, I'll have something healthy to warm up. I've made this several times and it's one of my favorite soups that I make!

This weeks workout plan:
Monday: Teach Silver Sneakers Class
Tuesday: Walk/jog 
Wednesday: Teach Silver Sneakers Class, Weight Lifting and Yoga Class
Thursday: Walk/jog
Friday: Teach Silver Sneakers, Weight Lifting
Saturday: Walk/jog
Sunday: Rest

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